Natural Skincare Brand, Herbivore, Raises $15 Million In Series A Funding. Here’s How You Can Do It Too.


Now before you dismiss the word authenticity as overused and cliche, here me out. In interviews, Kummerow and Wills have stated that they believe their differentiation factor is that they’ve always stayed true to their vision and made it a point to not mimic what other brands were doing, no matter how much more successful other brands seemed to be. Julia said in an interview with P.F. Candle Co., “It’s hard with so many images flooding Instagram and so much competition in the beauty industry, but our most successful products are always the ones that come from a very personal place.”


Julia’s mother was an esthetician and would blend natural ingredients to create treatments at home and for her clients. Inspired, Julia took it a step further and attended Bastyr University Naturopathic Medicine School, where she learned about the benefits of herbs, aromatherapy, and Chinese medicine. This is where her interest in natural beauty blossomed.


Herbivore nailed this one out of the gate. Their visual brand identity has stayed pretty much the same since their Etsy days. Julia said to Cosmopolitan, “We wanted to show the natural ingredients in the product. They are so beautiful, so we packaged them in clear glass so everyone can see the colors. We also wanted to keep the label pretty minimal, again so we could focus on the product. That was the idea behind it.”


Herbivore brought its brand to life by sprinkling joy in their products and delighting their customers. Instead of creating the same-old, generic products of yesterday with basic names like moisturizer or eye cream they tapped into their creativity and created products like a Pink Cloud Rosewater Moisture Creme (inspired by a sunset) or the Moon Fruit Superfruit Night Treatment. I don’t know about you, but if I see names like that, I want to try whatever’s in that bottle.



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Aggie Burnett

Aggie Burnett


Marketing and PR strategist for wellness and beauty brands.