INFLUENCER MARKETING: The Mistakes You’re Making When Pitching Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle Influencers

1. Sending a generic, mass-mailed pitch.

Takeaway: Get personal! Address the writer, editor or influencer by name. Make your subject line and copy relatable and customize it to fit the outlet.

2. Your pitch is too demanding.

Takeaway: If you’re hoping for a product placement, keep it simple! You can’t expect to have all your demands met if you’re not offering some sort of payment.

3. Expecting things for free.

Takeaway: As a young brand, you may not have the funds to pay an influencer just yet, or maybe you want to test out how a partnership works with them before making the leap into a paid collaboration. That’s ok and totally understandable! But find a way to make it a win-win for the both parties and you’ll be on your way to forming long-term relationships with influencers that will benefit you multiple times over.

4. Not offering value.

Takeaway: A better strategy if you’re hoping for a product placement give a generous product offer to the influencer and focus on just one ask. If the product fits nicely with the blogger’s content, then they’ll be more open to sharing it. But don’t demand them to write or share about your brand or product without a paid partnership.

5. Pitching an irrelevant service or product.

Takeaway: Do your research and make your pitch targeted to the influencer you are writing. Start by identifying the right influencers for your company and making a spreadsheet with the topics they cover and links to example articles.

6. Your pitch clogs up their memory space.

Takeaway: Embed links and images, or for multiple photos, link out to your Dropbox or Google Drive file.

7. Your pitch is plain boring.

Takeaway: Break up text, make your copy eye-catching, keep it short and to-the-point, and tailor your pitch to the influencer.




Marketing and PR strategist for wellness and beauty brands.

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Aggie Burnett

Aggie Burnett

Marketing and PR strategist for wellness and beauty brands.

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