The 4 Factors You Must Consider Before Your Next Beauty Product Launch

The 4 Most Common Mistakes Beauty Brands Make During Their Launch & What You Can Do To Avoid It

Many beauty product launches come down to the same few key mistakes. I’m going to share these pitfalls and tie in actionable tips so you can avoid these errors during your next launch.

1. Not getting their pricing right out of the gate.

The takeaway: Do your research and consider factors like market standards, target customer, and operational + cost of goods expenses in order to price your product successfully in preparation for your launch.

2. Not timing your launch with consumer demand trends.

The takeaway: Plan your launch for a time you know your customers will be ready, willing, and able to shop.

To read about the remaining 2 factors you must consider before launching your next product, click here.



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Aggie Burnett

Aggie Burnett


Marketing and PR strategist for wellness and beauty brands.