The Ultimate Guide to Launching Your Beauty Brand in Sephora (Part 4)

1) Manufacturing Your PO

Check your mock up samples before going into mass production.

Give your manufacturer an early deadline.

Review the products personally before they get shipped to Sephora.

Purchase more than your PO.

Get a quarantine test done on your product.

2) Ship Your Product

3) Provide testers and samples

4) Set up your brand page

  • Brand Statement for Brand Page
  • Logo
  • Brand Page Homepage Image
  • Product Page Assets
  • Product Copy

Forms to fill out:

  • Sephora Vendor Content License Agreement — in order to leverage video content
  • Sampling Order Form — to get samples set up in their system (if you have samples)


  • New Brand Set-up—list out assets necessary to set up brand on
  • Sephora Vendor Content Submission Guidelines

5) Educate cast members

In-store Demos

Sales Rep Training

Product One-Pager

Sephora In-Store IQ

6) Plan a comprehensive marketing campaign for your Sephora launch

Start early

Plant social media teasers

Get your product in the hands of influencers and fans

Create a custom landing page with email capture for the product

Think outside the box

Do a countdown on social media

7) Streamline your efforts

8) Track your numbers



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Aggie Burnett

Aggie Burnett


Marketing and PR strategist for wellness and beauty brands.